100% Deposit Bonus at MultiBank (NEW SITE)

New Site Proceed with Caution

MultiBank offers 100% welcome bonus for their new clients. Each client can get up to $50,000 bonus based on their initial deposit amounts. However, a minimum $200 deposit is required to be eligible for this double bonus program. Traders can use this bonus amount to trade any forex currency pair they like including gold.

How to participate:

  • Register for a real account at MultiBank
  • Verify your account information
  • Make your first deposit (Minimum: $200)
  • Choose 100% bonus option from client's terminal
  • Get the bonus

Promotion link: Claim your 100% welcome bonus

Website link: Explore MultiBank

Terms & Conditions:

  • The 100% Bonus is only available on the Maximus Platform
  • This bonus is non-losable
  • The customer must make an initial deposit of $200 to receive the 100% Bonus. For further deposits (top-ups) there is no minimum deposit. For example, you will earn 100% Bonus on any additional deposits