$40,000 Giveaway on XM Competition

Get pumped, trading addicts! XM just launched their sickest social trading competition yet, and you definitely want in on this action. We're talking a whopping $40,000 in cold hard cash up for grabs, plus a chance to become a bonafide strategy manager. Whether you're a trading pro or just dipping your toe in, now's the time to show off your skills and take a shot at the big leagues.

This isn't your average “look at my trades” competition. You'll be put to the test against fellow traders to see who's got the right combo of smarts and strategy to come out on top. Of course, the prizes will be sweet – we're talking withdrawable cash, trading bonuses, merch, and more! But it's about way more than just winning. This is a chance to gain insight into new techniques, compare your skills, and get your name out there with top traders.

What is the XM Social Competition?

XM's running some dope new social trading competitions where you can win big. Here's the lowdown:

  • Over $40K in straight cash prizes up for grabs. Yeah, you read that right – forty grand!
  • Chance to snag withdrawable cash, trading bonuses, merch, and more. Free money and free swag? Count me in!
  • Opportunity to win a pre-funded account and become an official strategy manager. Manage trades like a pro and get paid. Uh, amazing!

Why Participate in XM Competitions?

  • Comparison: Compare your trading results with other traders.
  • Skill Testing: Test your trading skills in a competitive environment.
  • Rewards: Win significant rewards and prizes.
  • Insights: Gain trading insights and ideas.
  • Reputation: Build a reputation and attract followers.
  • Opportunity: Get a chance to become a strategy manager.

What's The Requirement to Participate the Event?

Now hold up, this lit competition ain't just free money for anyone off the street. You gotta have a real trading account to get in the game.

There's 3 tiers that determine your share of the prize pool:

Tier 1 – The big ballers. $1k minimum deposit gets you access to 70% of the rewards.

Tier 2 – The mid-level traders. $500 minimum deposit gets you 20% of the prizes.

Tier 3 – The newbies. $100 minimum deposit gets you 10% of the winnings.


Link to join: https://www.xm.com/social-competitions