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Alpari is a worldwide FX dealer that originated in Russia, but has moved on to the UK and America as well. The firm is one of the larger ones available, and if well-known throughout the Forex world. One particularly interesting point is that Alpari offers FX Options as well. There are thousands of clients that have executed millions of transactions with this dealer, and many continue to use Alpari when they make the jump to professional trader.


Alpari uses several different platforms. These include Alpari Direct, Alpari Direct Pro, MetaTrader 4, and soon will offer MetaTrader 5 as well. The Alpari proprietary platforms are decent, but most traders will undoubtedly go with the MetaTrader platform, as most FX traders are comfortable with it.

Customer Service

Alpari has live chat available for customer service. There is also a phone number you can call as well. Also, they have telephone trading available for users so that they can open or close any orders in case the Internet is down. The customer service is open as long as the FX markets are.


MetaTrader4 is the platform of choice, and is well-known as being reliable. The dealer itself is well-known and capitalized. This allows the trader to feel comfortable with the idea of the dealer’s reliability. The servers are up and running over 99% of the time.

Commissions and Spreads

Alpari offers variable spreads, and this keeps the spread tight on most trades. Of course, during illiquid times they can widen, but it is common to see GBP/USD trading at a 2 pip spread. The dealer makes its money on the spread, so there are no commissions to worry about.


Alpari will occasionally offer a special promotion, but they are for a limited time only. Make sure to check the website before signing up to see if they are offering anything at that time.


With its international offices and sheer size, Alpari is a well-trusted dealer in the FX world. The ability to trade options is a huge bonus, and the spreads are some of the best non-ECN spreads available. The broker allows clients from around the world, and is well respected. Most traders would find this a good home to trade.


  • Variable spreads. This keeps the spread tight, which is one of your biggest expenses as a trader.
  • The MT4 platform is very expandable and can easily be customized and it well known and trusted by traders.
  • Accounts can be started with as little as $250.
  • The deposit process is simple and quick.
  • Alpari offers FX Options as well as spot Forex.



  • Limited to only Forex, so if you are looking to trade other markets, you will need another broker.
  • The variable spreads can be an issue during news events, but only if you are looking to scalp the news announcement.

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