Top 5 Regulated Forex Brokers For South African Traders

South Africa Regulated Forex Brokers

Are you looking for a trustworthy broker to participate in foreign exchange trading? The Forex market is highly competitive and  highly liquidity, so you will need to get a regulated broker supervised by a known regulator. FSCA, also known as Financial Sector Conduct Authority. Specifically protect the interests of South African traders. In the last […]

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Forex Trading 101

Everything you should know about Forex Trading If you have ever wondered what Forex Exchange is, and how you can make some extra dough from it, then you have come to the right place. This article will give you the basic information that will get you started in your Forex trading journey. What is Forex […]

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Forex Trading in Russia – We did the homework for you!

ruble - russia currency

BACKGROUND Russia remains one of the world’s economic superpowers presenting a lot of opportunities to investors. A brief background check reveals some striking figures which provide a strong statement concerning trading opportunities within the country’s economy. It is widely established that Russia harbors about 30 per cent of the world’s natural resources due to the […]

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Forex Trading in South Africa – Excellent Trading Opportunities

forex trading in South Africa

The past 2 decades have witnessed Forex Trading in South Africa taking a strong hold in the foreign exchange space evidenced by the increased interest by the countries citizens and foreign investors alike. Like most countries experiencing an unprecedented spike in forex activity, the market has been met with stringent rules and regulations from responsible […]

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Forex Trading in Indonesia – All You Need to Know

forex trading in indonesia

Forex trading in Indonesia has been actively growing and will be one of the fastest trading market in Asia. Indonesia represents one of the skyrocketing South East Asia’s economies for the past two- three decades. The statistics prove the point by placing the country on position 5, with a GDP per capita of 3974 US […]

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Forex Trading in India – What you need to know

Forex trading in India has been a hot topic recently and we decided to do a quick research and share the information to our readers. India has seen increased foreign exchange market activity over the past four decades now following the Indian government’s decree of its commencement in 1978. Since then, the market has soared […]

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Stock And Forex Technical Analysis In Comparison With Fundamental Analysis

forex analysi

Solid analysis is key to making the best decisions in both forex and stock trading. There exists two main methods of analysis in the discipline and these are called fundamental and technical analysis. In general terms, fundamental analysis seeks to understand values and trends by focusing on the financial records or statements of a company […]

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Forex Trading Softwares – Picking the Right One

forex trading software

The advent of automated forex trading software represents a quickly advancing forex world to new and exciting possibilities. As the name suggests, this type of software gives you the ability to engage in forex trading without you having to be there to make decisions based on analysis and other factors. Automated trading software’s are designed to […]

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Forex Trading Courses For Beginners: What You Need To Know…

forex trading lessons for beginners

The old saying ”knowledge is power,” has a perpetual significance in the world of forex trading for both newbies and experienced investors. How much you learn as you are going through the process, whether it’s from the beginning or somewhere down the middle, often makes the difference between success and failure. There is no room […]

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Fibonacci Strategy and How It Relates to Forex and Stock Trading

Fundamentals of the Forex Fibonacci Trading Strategy What it is Forex? And how does it relate to the Fibonacci sequence? Perhaps you are new to Forex trading and are looking forward to grasp the fundamentals, let’s have a brief look the concept of Forex in simple terms. Forex, or foreign exchange, is a form of […]

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