Getting Started on the Forex Market

how to start a forex account

Forex trading has become a remarkably exciting prospect to most business entities and individuals through the past two centuries. It has definitely proven rewarding venture if handled correctly thus leading to an influx of traders from all walks of life. The internet has especially made it easier for any average person to get access to […]

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No Deposit Forex Bonuses: How To Start Forex With No Money

welcome bonus no deposit forex

Start forex with no money¬†needed to deposit into your new account sounds like a too good to be true idea to the new forex trader, but the fact is that this is real and can give you a great start if handled correctly. Apart from the no deposit bonus, there are other types of bonuses […]

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Trend Trading – A Simple Guide

The idea of trend trading is simple to comprehend and very common among forex traders. A good trend can be noticed by anyone on a chart (in the lack of an obvious trend, prices are by classification ranging). Many forex strategies are according to trend trading, but effective application of it demands solid discipline. What […]

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Breakout Trading System – Professional Traders Choice

Breakout Trading System Breakout trading strategies are used when entering the market while prices have broken through resistance/support levels. There are various different breakout strategies and they’re employed in all financial markets. Breakout strategies are particularly common among newbie forex traders, because they are simple to understand and carry out. The basic idea is to […]

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Support and Resistance for Forex

The principle of support and resistance is one of the most significant tools you can apply as a trader. These are price levels where supply and demand focus, in the reverse direction of the predominant pattern of that moment. Say there is a falling trend put a different way, a period when there is additional […]

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Is Forex Scalping Strategy the Holy Grail?

What is Forex Scalping Strategy? Forex scalping strategy is a tactic in which positions are held open just for a very brief period of time, in order to pick up a lot of tiny profits. This can be a extremely profitable way of trading the forex. How long the position is kept open differs from […]

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Money Management Principles You Need to Know

Forex Money Management All profitable trading strategies focus on money management. Regardless of how talented you are as a forex trader, if you don’t adhere to any kind of money management you will at some point empty out your trading account. Preemptively limiting your losses and selecting some kind of exit strategy for rewarding trades […]

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All You Need to Know about the Use of Leverage in Forex Trading

You may not need to have great knowledge in economy and international trade in order to start your forex trading journey but you will at least know the basic of forex trading before you trade with REAL money.¬† In this article, we will explain on the term “leverage” in forex trading. Defining leverage Leverage simply […]

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Few Important Tips to Consider for Your Exit Strategy

Knowing when to escape is no less important as knowing when to enter. Experts some real, most self-appointed present tips about ‘undiscovered stock market gems’, ‘inevitable price rises’ and ‘must have commodities’ everywhere on the internet. Curiously enough, 95 percent of these tips only provide entrance points and most of them are about purchasing stocks, […]

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