InstaForex upto $500 Bonus/Month Instruction

Forex Forum Posting Bonus on MT5 by InstaForex, verified I’m cashed out $119 dollar bonus with ZERO INVESTMENT.

Payment Proof:


Of course, if you failed to win the money with the bonus, you don’t need to submit your verification ID then.
The bonus can be accumulated months by months at max of $500 dollar per month, there’s no limit how much you can have.

The trick is here, InstaForex partner up with mt5 forum and the affiliate code you use provided on the link are exactly what InstaForex and MT5 forum both offer you.

Your task is to post on the forum, as each post rewards you $0.20. These credit will be transfer to your forex account at the beginning of each month as accumulated by the past month.

With any trade you've won, you're reward for it, that fund will be available for withdrawal, no restriction of withdrawal limit and participate chance.

Bonus Promotions: Get $0.20 for each Post, Max of $500 Per Month Bonus.

Ending Date: All year of 2016

1. Join the forum via this link(Forum Registration).
2. Verify the email address and click on your profile which is under your username on the top.
3. Click on “Bonus for Post”.
4. Open another windows, and register Instaforex with this link(Forex Account Registration).
5. Click on this picture and follow the step remaining

Bonus Withdrawal: Bonus Can’t be withdrawn BUT All Profit are available for withdrawal.

More details:-
After registering on the forum, Google “How to Attach amp Activate InstaForex Account to Receive Bonus”

Multiple Id is strictly Prohibited!

Be aware of the forum rules for positing to avoid ban for making mistake.


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